Monday, September 24, 2007

Video Tour :)

hello again, here is the long overdue video tour of ross and my apartment. Again, we live on the 10th floor of a white building just a half block from the dongzhimen subway station on the northeast corner of the second ring road. it's a really nice walk in every direction. we're across the street from ginza mall which has a grocery store named Olé where we do most of our shopping. to the east is a whole bunch of hot pot restaurants leading to a hutong which is an old style neighborhood (basically what you think of when you think of china), many such hutongs are scattered across the city. they're made up of seemingly aimless ancient, meandering, narrow walkways with stone and plaster walls topped with those tiled, arched, eaved roofs sometimes lined with dragons and other figures. on the west and a little to the north there's a whole lot of shopping and the northernmost point of the embassy district. we're nearest the russian, german, canadian, and australian embassies. the american, french, and other embassies are nearby and just to the south. my neighborhood is always filled with pedestrains, and buses, and taxis. because of all the money and commerce in the area, it's well kept, clean, and tree lined and of course illuminated with hundreds and hundreds of red lit paper lanterns.

the green door is the front door. this is the living room, where we spend most of our time

this video starts with balcony number one, which we use as our studio and art stuff storage. the small purple area is where our washer is. then there's our funny bathroom, notice that we don't really have a bathtub, just a hand shower head.

the kitchen, complete with live-in chef

this video starts in the small hallway connecting every part of the house, then our bedroom and the second balcony which is where we keep our plants. we just bought a small green apple tree and that plant in the corner is a purple grape plant. and our view.


about us said...

oh, my! i absolutely adore the apartment! the view (7-11) is so, very urban. the furniture looks like it kicks ikea's ass! it's legitimate looking! the apartment looks like nyc apartment; strange! live-in chef is approved and you're looking great! how exciting....i'm a fan, can't wait to visit...when....mmmm...!

i may be teaching at southwood middle, the magnet photo program, starting in january...let's see, i really need the money and the insurance! i may know in the next two weeks...wish me luck.

i love you and am SO, VERY PROUD of you both...may happiness engulf you forever and ever!

i chanted (yes, chanted) with catalina and carolina today (for the first time) was fun and funny. got so lost at some point and the letters were doing this very trippy thing i couldn't get a hold of for a few's transformational and something else i cannot put my finger on BUT i really like making noises with other people...!

more to come in the future and you're terribly missed...went to your last house (oly's) the other day and was so weirded out when i knocked on your old/back door and some complete stranger opened the door...t'wasn't even oly...yikes (oly took over erika's old room!)

kisses and memories...


harumi said...

wow this is soooo cooooool!
Internet is amazing! I can see how your house is very well. I should try the same, so my family in Japan can see my house!

You must be living in very modern apartment. It is very clean. and ofcourse nicely decorated:)
so cool!

I think I know the kind of washing machine. Isn't it the one you have to wash in the one side and the other side is for spining? We had similar one back home before. and your shower.... so you take shower right next to toilet? and whole thing gets wet?? very different and interesting. This must help to keep place clean.

I enjoyed viewing all of them. thank you!