Tuesday, September 18, 2007

just a quick hello and some pics of ross, silvia, and i. had some fun work last week doing dialog recordings for learning english. the company loved me and my voice and said they'd call again for more work, let's hope so.

i also started painting again, this is my first finished painting in china. i like this cake kick i've been on the last few months, they're on my myspace photo album art stuff.


about us said...

oh, wow, you're all in a band. very sexy americans making it in china. word. i love pictures of you. i love them, i love them, i love them! the painting is crytic, almost apocalyptic, as if "jared" is turning a hundrea and about to die. i'm in a dark place these days, though they're filled with children and laughter...will elaborate more through e-mail.
always post pictures of you guys, they're great and you're a really wonderful photographer!

Anonymous said...

i haven't checked the blog in a while so it's good to have so much new stuff. i got your # but i want to call you one day i have lots of time cause we got so much new shit to talk about... and in so many languages.(by the way, i've been here three weeks and i know like three phrases...i know how to ask for coffee to go and a couple of other things that i can't rememeber now but soon i'll start lessons)
great painting! of course!!! hahaha.. i love the pics, it really makes me happy whenever i see a new post.
much love your bro.

ross said...

Your posts are great; descriptive and low-key enough. What an arty picture of Silvia... Love you and see you in a number of hours.

harumi said...

lol.. isabel's comment is funny...
you guys do look like cool americans.
I like the painting. I am guessing it is pretty small. is it? next time I would like to know the size. (this goes to ross's painting too)
oh I guess I didn't put one on mine either, but it help to see painting.
Did you paint it from photograph? I see the front of cake has some flash from photograph and that gives nice nostalgic effect.
I like how you put highlights on every ball on cake.
It might be nice to build up paint on closer part of cake. I love seeing painting. keep post more and paint more!
pump it up!!

Silvia Elena said...

thank you, ariel i love my birthday present. Jared's birthday indeed! See you soon for a 5kuai beer. and we should have another art party soon. maybe talk about the strangest parts of china and how ridiculously dirty this air is! How can they expect us to stop spitting?? it's the only thing that's keeping the particles from building up in our lungs! crazy chinos:D