Thursday, September 13, 2007

Skype and Olympics stuph

I'm finally connected to the internet at my new place! meaning that i'll have skype available to me all the time and communication will be even easier. in case you don't know what skype is it's the best FREE comunication tool in the world, and it uses the internet as your phone line. my username is TUDELOOP so look me up if you have it, otherwise here's a link to more info and where to get it skype aqui!

with the olympics coming soon to beijing, you can't go anywhere in the city without seeing blatant advertising with chinese athletes or the cute little olympic mascots, they're on banners, posters, flyers, and there's also all sorts of bootleg goods available on probably every single street i've walked along. they're super excited over here and it's a little contagious. i've driven by the olympic stadium twice since i've been here and it's pretty spectacular looking. it's unofficially called the bird's nest stadium and bubble building(where water events will take place), designed by the same guys who will build the new miami art museum facilities by the bay in the coming years. i've included a few very future-y computer generated photos of what it will look like when completed and a link to some more information. the stadium is almost complete and really is breath-taking even though the thick pollution packed air here.

the building is asymmetrical and HUGE! a side view

this is the entire complex, it lays just north of the center of the city

the water cube, close-up, equally impressive

bird's nest from above

for more information, go to your local library or click here estadio del futuro aqui!


harumi said...

Hello. I heard Olympic theme song when I was in Japan. It was half chinese and half Englis very much like Asian pop music and I thougth it was very cute.
the dome looks very cool too.

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