Sunday, September 30, 2007

funny advertisements

the chinese have a strange sense of design and lack crucial skills in photoshop, making ads here just a little off. apparently all you need to have a succesful campaign is ridiculously smiley people, very fake backgrounds, and quite often as much chinese red as possible.

my favorite bottled tea, made from chrysanthemum. i like the weirdo fake gazebo and background dude with a saxophone. you see fake-o skies and landscapes like this a lot in advertisements, pollution obviously doesn't let this happen in real life.

i don't even know what this dude sponsors, but notice the couple dressed the same next to him. that's a totally normal supposedly cute coupley thing to do here, i see at least one couple do that every day.

i just thought this was funny and a little tragic.

i loooove these girls! they actually gave me the idea for this post. it's from a kfc ad all over the city. coming soon: ross will make a painting of these two :)

these chicks come from a dentist office ad, they kinda crack me up they look so happy and maybe a little lost and confused?

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