Wednesday, February 13, 2008

shanghai at night

the view from our hotel room!

a movie-theater sized screen floats along the river dividing the city regularly, showing commercials on loop.

above and below: the chinese take their new year celebrations really seriously. this being the year of the rat; there are cute, good fortune attracting mice and 福 (pron. fu in a rising tone, meaning good fortune) hung upside down as per tradition all over. a fireworks video will come soon


ross said...

Wow! Is this at yuyuan gardens? Great light display and I love the tremendous inflatable mouse!

Arielísimo said...

yeah, this is the yuyuan area. that mouse was so cool, and he was surrounded by other human-sized mice and other animals. lots of gold stuff everywhere, all tacky and awesome.

LittleRa said...

I love the giant cartoon rat. The cheap fiber optic trim lights and paper lanterns add so much to the imagery. There must be such crazy fun times right now.