Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shanghai Day 2

this is another skyscraper area in the main center of the city called people's square. there are millions of stores, a big park, a bunch of tall buildings with bright lights ad giant tv's. the shanghai museum, and other fun things.

a lot of the city also consists of shikumen (pron. SHR-ku-MAen) which are 19th century housing with mixed european and chinese ideas and styles for urban living. shanghai's streets vary from these scenes to rich european art nouveau styles, and classic 30's and 40's art deco. there are also enormous areas with brand new giant luxury stores from every clothing brand you know from countries the world over

the shanghai museum was hands down the best museum i've seen in china. early on, when i first got here i mentioned in a previous post about the shoddy quality of beijing's museums but the very high quality of it's gallery scene. shanghai's the complete opposite, the museums have great items and impeccable presentation while the galleries seem mostly lacking.


a gallery with really amazing architecture but really wack art and a much to high entry fee. but it's a small example of the often eccentric but beautiful architecture the city constantly surprises you with.


about us said...

arroz looks HOT! and that gallery building has its feathers's great. too bad the art inside is whack.
shanghai looks more urban than beijing seems that those buildiings will be there for the next 500(?) years, whereas beijing (from what i've gathered from all of y'alls' posts) looks like it's still undergoing major rennovations and construction...i'll see when i visit.
you boys must be missing silvia, although you're probably really good at not missing friends anymore...or not as much...who knows...?!?

christmas was fantastic, got a radio for the car and several, little nothings...still haven't heard from silvia; i will track her down tomorrow. today i have a terrible cold (really, it's a sort of soar throat, combined with a hacking cough...!)

well, mon ami...i hope everthing is wonderful, i love you and wish you everything that's beyond good...if i feel a bit better i will go see the julian schnabel movie le scaphandre et le papillon (the diving bell and the butterfly) tonite; it's only playing this week in this backwater, paradise...!

let's skype soon, p-l-e-a-s-e!!!

kisses, lots......!

silvia said...

wow, i'm a little jealous. I know I MUST take kristy there, now. Who cares about the expensive tickets and lack of time, it's definitely somewhere Kristy needs to see.
I agree, Ross does look exceptionally hot.
And don't worry, Isabel tracked my ass down already. I'll see her tonight. Tomorrow morning at 7am MIA time, i'll be heading home(?)!!
miss you two immensely. Strange to be in Miami without you two!