Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shanghai Day 1

lots and lots of light rain our first morning there but we walked a lot of the older part of the city for the first time

this is on the waterfront of the river dividing the city, it's an old part of the city packed with tall, ornate buildings ranging from the 1880's to the early 1940's.

above and below: this is what's across from those beautiful, old buildings. that is the new economic center of the city; and back in the rainy haze is the jin mao building, the tallest in china. we made a point to walk along here as often as possible on the trip just to believe it, it's so crazy to see a skyline like that exist.


BluegrassBaobab said...

excellent pictures of a misty shanghai. very nice blog. china looks and sounds like a unique experience.

Anonymous said...

you should consider moving there... i think shanghai makes you a better photographer... great pics!!

Anonymous said...

the shanghai umbrella pictures are amazing in every way.

Arielísimo said...

ross and i have been seriously thinking about moving there after the olympics and when my contract is up. i'm almost completely sure Shanghai's my next step in china though i won't be leaving beijing soon :)