Monday, October 8, 2007

pics from this last week

this last week was a big deal national holiday here in china. october 1st marked the day in which mao tze dong announced the creation of the peolpe's republic of china in tien'anmen square, so lots of poeple had the week off and got the chance to do things like travel, relax, and have lots and lots of weddings.

ross, silvia and i left beijing for 2 days to see our friend anna's cute hometown langfang just an hour south of the city. it's a middle sized city with few foreign visitors, so we got blatantly stared at and even followed by some chinos who couldn't believe we were there i guess. strangers even asked us to take pictures with them.

the rest of the week we hung out at home painting and watching lost for the most part. we walked some around our area finding all kinds of new things including an abandoned hotel in classical chinese architecture style and dozens of imperial animal sculptures but we couldn't tell how old they are, or if they're fakes (a common problem here with antiques). a fun week overall :)

ross, silvia, and anna in langfang's central park.

ross y yo

one of maybe 15 couples at the park taking wedding pictures while we were there

silvia at the abandoned hotel

moi dans l'hotel abandonne

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ross said...

Langfang was great. Kind of proof that the Chinese system works sometimes, especially in the very strong sense of community it instills. That picture of Silvia is the more arty, wonderful thing ever. Keep taking them pictures! Love you!