Thursday, March 6, 2008

more kids

some recent pictures of kids from a winter camp


Anonymous said...

Did the children make Easter head bands and eggs? I'm glad that spring is coming to that part of the world. Silvia tells me it was a very cold winter.

FORMICA said...

come aye chino en la china

Chad said...

I can picture Ariel as the gentle sweatered giant patiently tying paper bunny ears to children. Better than art!

Arielísimo said...

i helped the kids make easter eggs and bunny ears,crowns for an impromptu birthday party, snowflake cut outs, halloween masks and paper jack-o-lanterns.
having taken a billion art classes has definitely helped me be a more fun and colorful teacher.

about us said...

those are beautiful i am redundant!

anyhoot, you're awesome and you eat bunnies....eeew...and then you make bunny ears with the's truly artful!

i love you and will make concrete sense one day.