Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fall looks like...

this is my first real life autumn. trees suddenly change from green to all kinds of yellows and reds, then within days all fall to the ground. days switch between bright, sunny, and cool; to
gray, somber, short, and cold. the winds have picked up and everyone's dressed in layers.

it's funny to experience the cold in this more constant and unchanging way. miami has cold fronts that hit and dissipate within days, after which we can go back to the beach. i guess i've become wired over time to expect cold weather to follow that behavior. instead, i have 4 more months of this coming my way...

these last 3 pictures are from our weekly outing. we found this place a few weeks ago completely by accident that same day we found the abandoned hotel from a previous post. it's the dorms from a university here in beijing, but the buildings seem to be from the teens or 1920's. they aren't in the best shape but look really european and almost completely out of place here in china. they are really beautiful none the less, and i want to try and see if i can live there somehow in the future


harumi said...

Is that yellow tree Ginko tree? looks beautiful.
How amazing you have never experience fall. Season change is diffinatly one thing I miss a lot living in Miami. Living here, I forget how to protect myself from harsh weather.
The dorm looks like has hig ceiling and nice. do you often hit your head in china? :)

Arielísimo said...

oh my god, i CONSTANTLY hit my head on low doors and other things here in china. the strange thing is that chinese people aren't nearly so short as i imagined and there are many young chinese people around my height or even taller! old people can be very very short however, i truly think the presence of things like mcdonalds and kfc in the last 15 years or so changes the physiology of the population.

so fall gets more beautiful everyday, but fewer leaves on trees means we inch closer to winter daily. it's strange to realize how little the tropics change comparably throughout the year.

about us said...

what a funny thing, it's even funnier harumi would think about you hitting your head!
do you really think that stuff in the food is making the chinese develop differently? i mean, to that extent...? of course it is...god everything is so atomically dangerous.
well, here it's the most wonderful time of the year, weather-wise that is. temperatures fluctuate between 65-70 degrees; it's bit overcast with the sun trying to peek through the difusing clouds, while the wind picks up the edge of your skirt and makes you shuffle your hands around to not flash the world over!
as i write this, the morning dew evaporates, showing us the beginning of the day is here, if you have to wake up of course..otherwise you miss the whole thing...

Anonymous said...

Ariel: Cute, somehow 1970s post. Maybe since it sounds like those "Love is..." cartoons. Oh, and you have a cool counter! Luv u!

Harumi: It is a ginko! They're really pretty and all over the place here.

(oh, it's Ross)

harumi said...

hahaha I knew it! Because even tommy nearly hits his head all the time in Japan.
Very funny that you think food grow them taller. But it might be true. People are getting taller in each genelations.

Isabel you are awake so early! morning must be very beautiful at that time.

ross, Pick up those ginko nuts and take out the nasty and stinky frut part and put the nuts in oven toaster. It taste really good. That is one of my favorite nuts and they are healthy too.

christy said...

the pics are awesome! what a goood FOtogrpher